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Taxation refers to obligatory or coercive money assortment by a levying authority, typically a government. The term 'taxation' enact to all sorts of intuitive levies from earnings to capital gains to estate taxes.

Although taxation may be a noun or verb, it is frequently referred to as an act; the ensuing revenue is usually called ''taxes”. The traditional purpose of imposing tax and taxation is to lift cash to run the affairs of the government.

But, recently, I have seen government and their agencies daunting taxes for a few additional purposes similar to;
stimulating asset,
reducing escalation, encourage the attainment of local goods,
discouraging the expenditure of certain goods.

There are two types of taxes

Direct Tax

  • Income Tax
  • Corporation Tax
  • Propery Tax
  • Inheritance Tax Gift Tax

Indirect Tax

  • Custom Duty
  • Centeral Excise Duty
  • Service Tax
  • Sales Tax Value Added Tax (VAT)
  • Securities Transaction Tax (STT)